Piccadilly Six ‎– An evening with the Piccadilly Six (dixieland)

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Piccadilly Six ‎– An evening with the Piccadilly Six (dixieland)

Artist (grup, formaţie etc.):
Piccadilly Six
Alex Dalgleish-trompet and vocal, Bob Campbell-banjo and vocal, Paul Wardrope-clarinet, Milan Polasek-bass, Vie Stockwell-trombone and vocal, George Cole-drums
Categorie (gen):
jazz, dixieland
Casa de discuri:
Eurostar, Casa de discuri Stîngă
Cod casa de discuri:
CDS 033

200 lei

1 în stoc


When Alex, Paul, Vie, Bob, Milan and George join the gig, you surely can expect an evening with happy music, ambiance and fun! l have spent many such evenings with them myself and l am very glad to introduce now by a few words, their new record. For this LP, the Piccadilly Six have chosen as traditional jazz-classics (‘ Panama’, ‘ Riverboat Shuffle’, ‘St. James Infirmary’ and Jelly Roll Morton’s famous ‘Wolverine Blues’). Included on the album are well known old popular tunes, (‘Mona Lisa’, ‘The three bells’, ‘Washington Square’ and ‘Exodus’, the latter from the motion picture of that name). We also find an old Australian folk song called ‘Waltzing Matilda’, which tells the story of a ‘swagman’ or ‘vagabond’, who when caught stealing a ‘jumbuck’, a kind of bird, escapes the hangman by jumping into the river and drowning! Last but not least, we have three originals written by trumpeter Alex Dalgleish. ‘ Free Night’, a swinging little tune which he wrote in dedication to the rare nights in Zurich, when the clubs are allowed to remain open until morning. ‘The Man with the Banjo’, a vocal which Alex got the idea to write, because of a guest who came regularly into one of the clubs the band played, shouting ‘The Man with the Banjo’ for some reason or other. The third one named ‘The Procupine’, besides the fact that this is a little animal, also happens to be the name of a pub in London, where the boys used to have their daily drink before they moved over to Switzerland and settled down here.
l leave you now with the new LP of the Piccadilly Six and wish you the pleasure l had when listening to it!

Rolf Graf


Seite A
Riverboat Shuffle 3.30
(H. Carmichael – N. Noynow)
Washington Square 2.51
(B. Goldstein – D. Shire)
Mona Lisa 3.25
(J. Livingston – R. Evans) Vocal Bob Campbell
The three bells 3.24
(Jean Villard – Arr.: A. Dalgleish)
The Man with the Banjo 2.32
(A. Dalgleish)
Vocal Alex Dalgleish
Wolverine Blues 3.06
(F. Morton – Spike’s)

Seite B
Panama 3.08
(Tradiţional – Arr.: A. Dalgleish)
St. James infirmary 3.50
(J. Primrose)
Vocal Vie Stockwell
Exodus 2.23
(E. Gold – P. Boone)
Free Night 3.00
(A, Dalgleish}
The Porcupine 2.20
(A. Dalgleish)
Waltzing Matilda 3.30
(Musik: Cowan – Verlag: Allan & Co„ Melbourne)
Vocal Alex Dalgleish


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